Global Smart City Solutions (GSCS)

develops and implements the most advanced software and hardware solutions for traffic management and equipment maintenance world-wide



We work with city planners, city councils, municipalities, and other urban management authorities to study the existing traffic management or equipment maintenance problems and provide a detailed plan for required modifications and new equipment need.


Over the past 20 years we have developed both hardware and software products to help cities with their traffic problems. We works with many global partners to source the products and we have a range of products which have been developed internally.



Not only we study and suggest modification, but also we have a professional, experience team to implement those. From equipment installation, and maintenance, to various types intersection and road construction work. 

Our team has implemented traffic management solutions in Several cities and has worked in this industry for the past 25 years


We have previously worked with tens of different cities to study, consult, design, and implement various traffic management and urban equipment maintenance solutions. We have the experience, expertise, products, and partners, to reduce the problem of traffic and decrease of the cost of maintenance.