Our dedicated professional team has the experience to install and implement our products and solutions. Moreover, we have the capabilities for construction, and installation projects for city assets.

Our core competency is maintenance of traffic equipment and other types of city assets.


traffic equipment maintenance

Our staff are familiar with different traffic equipment and systems and can do maintenance for all types of traffic equipments. 


controller installation

Traffic controllers are complex systems. We have produced, installed, and maintained them for over a decade in many cities world-wide.


intersection configurations

As important as the intersection equipment, is configurations, phases and timing of the intersection. We study the intersection and provide optimized configurations.


intersection modification

Many intersection traffic studies leads to necessary construction and modification projects in the intersections. We are capable of implementing those modifications. 

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traffic software installation

Traffic management  systems are very complex and need many configurations and adjustments for each city and location. We have installed these software in various cities before.

Smart Parking guidance system.jpg

smart parking implementation

We provide the parking management software, but also we can install the sensors and implement the complete smart parking project.


smart tunnel implementation

Many different software and equipment are needed for a safe and intelligent tunnel. We implement and install those equipment and software. 



In order to keep the construction workers on the roads safe, as well as to keep the traffic flow least impacted, we offer flagging services.


enforcement camera installation

We work with our suppliers for enforcement cameras, but also we use our local staff to help implement and install these systems.